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Perfect for the holidays... or, just because!  You can send your friends and family members a four bar box direct with an optional personalized card!   Four bars are the minimum... can fit up to six.



Here's how it works:  "Purchase" a box (it's actually free).  Once the gift box is in your cart, begin purchasing the 4 bars for that box .  Your entire order will then be in your cart.  Pay for your cart. 


If you wish to receive the Gift Box yourself, enter your address.  If you wish for a friend or family member to receive the Gift Box, enter their name and shipping address in the shipping section.  (You will have to enter your own address in the billing section.)  If you want to pickup, enter that option and it will be dropped off at Blue Ribbon Frame Shop in Hendersonville for your convenient pickup.

PERSONALIZED CARD:  If you want a personalized card included in the box, email me at which of the three options (Card 1, Card 2 or Card 3 - see photos) that you want and the text you want on the card immediately after placing your order.

(Important: If you want more than one gift box, unfortunately you'll have to place separate orders. It won't cost you more, it'll just take a little more time. I have to do it this way in order to be sure a friend or family member doesn't get someone else's bars by mistake. Any questions, email me at


(Important: If you are ordering a gift box that will be delivered to your location, you can order additional bars for yourself... just please email me at and let me know which bars are for YOU and which are for gift box.)



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